Lake Union Psychiatric Group

Arlene VanderDussen, ARNP

I am a psychosocial nurse practitioner with a passion for supporting emotional growth in young people.   I received my Master’s Degree in Psychosocial Nursing from University of Washington in 2000.  I was certified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist by the American Nurses Association Credentialing Center in 2001.  After having a private practice at Greenlake for 6 years, I joined the Lake Union Psychiatric Group in 2006

I see children 6 years and above, adolescents and young adults for medication evaluations.  I see adolescents 13 yrs and above and young adults for psychotherapy.   I treat many young people with Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, and Attention Deficit Disorders.  I do medication management for youth on the Autism Spectrum who are in therapy with their own therapist.  My treatment may include cognitive-behavioral, psycho-educational, and strength-based supportive therapies.   My nursing care is founded on relationships of trust between patient, parents and myself.  These relationships take time to develop.  I take time to see my patients for their strengths, their vulnerabilities and their needs.  I believe all people no matter where they begin can grow up to be stronger than they were when they started.  You can reach me at

To reach Arlene VanderDussen, please call 206-324-4503.